Nobody wants to leave the house on a bad hair day. But if you’re starting to find you’re having more bad days than good, and have run out of excuses for calling in sick, it’s time to take action.

We hate to point fingers but the reason for all those lacklustre days you’ve been having may be, well, you. Without knowing it, it’s possible you’re sabotaging your gorgeous hair goals by making one of these simple yet major hair mistakes.

Listen up, fess up, and put things right. Your hair will repay you with glossy shine in no time.

Hair mistake #1

Not getting your hair cut regularly

If the reason you avoid seeing your hairdresser ever six to eight weeks is because you’re trying to grow your hair, let us stop you right there. You’re approaching your trips to the salon all wrong. The real reason you and your hairdresser should catch up regularly is not to try a new hairstyle every two months (although you’re more than welcome to!); it’s about trimming off your damaged ends to keep your hair healthy and keep split ends at bay. You’ll actually find your hair grows faster and stronger with regular trims.

Hair mistake #2

Washing your tresses every day

You may think you’re keeping it as clean as possible, but you’re actually training your hair to over-produce natural oils, which will lead to greasy locks. Daily use of a shampoo and conditioner can also strip your hair of moisture, leaving it dry. Dry strands and greasy roots are not a good look. Get into the habit of only washing your hair twice a week, or every second day if you have to (we’ll give you a free pass to wash your hair a little more regularly if you’ve just exercised). If your hair is starting to look a little flat in between washes, try a dry shampoo like Polished London Bristol Bloom Dry Shampoo to bring volume back into the roots.

Hair mistake #3

Forgetting to seal your strands post-blowdry

Cleaning your hair with the right shampoo and conditioner formula for your hair type, and treating it to a weekly hair mask will go a long way in making it look tip top, but if you don’t style it right you could be undoing all that hard work. You see, when your hair shaft is smooth it looks luscious and healthy, and light reflects off it to give it a glossy sheen. But when you towel-dry hair too rigorously and blast it with a hairdryer every which way, you cause the cuticle to become coarse, rough and dull-looking. So be gentle, always use the nozzle on your hairdryer to direct the flow of the air down the hair shaft, and give your blowdry a final blast of cold air to seal the cuticle nice and flat, and shiny.

Tip: Sleeping on a silk pillowcase will also help avoid friction on the strands, resulting in a beautifully soft mane come morning.

Hair mistake #4

Blowdrying your hair when it’s too wet

We know, the reason you blowdry your hair most of the time is to speed up the drying process because you’re in a hurry, but jumping the gun too soon and blasting heat at sopping wet hair is a big no-no. Not only does it increase the damage caused to hair from heat styling for a longer period of time, it also makes hair more prone to frizz. Ideally, hair should be sixty per cent dry before you start blowdrying (why not get a head start on your makeup while you wait?). And while we’re on the subject of heat styling, this is a friendly reminder to stick to a medium heat setting and always spritz hair with a heat protectant before you begin.

Hair mistake #5

You haven’t bought a new brush in forever

Guess what? Every time you brush your hair, those bristles are getting covered in dust, dirt and your hair’s natural sebum. Now have a think as to how many times you’ve brushed your hair since you got it… and how dirty your bristles (and your hair as a result of touching it daily) must be. Guessing we don’t need to tell you twice that cleaning your brush monthly and buying a new one every year is the right hygienic thing to do.

Also opt for quality products that contain a detangling formula > this will help prevent knots from forming in the first place and less breakage. Try Puretopia Shine & Gloss Shampoo   and Puretopia Shine & Gloss Conditioner.