There’s two essential factors when it comes to getting the perfect fake tan: the product you use (you want to get the formula, colour and smell just right!) and the application. Let’s chat about the latter. To get a gorgeously bronzed fake tan every time, follow these beauty hacks.

#1 Start your prep work the day before

The day before you know you’re going to fake tan (yes, it requires some planning!), de-fuzz and exfoliate. Doing so just before you apply your fake tan will leave your pores open and result in an uneven, dotted application. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Hint: When exfoliating, go for an oil-free formula. Oil is a big no-no as it can create a barrier between your skin and self tanning product, causing it to come up blotchy.

#2 Rub moisturiser on dry areas

Those small spots like your elbows, knees and heels that get extra dry are a recipe for disaster: tanning product and cracked skin do not equal an even result! To give these areas a hit of hydration and to smooth out the surface before applying your fake tan, rub in an oil-free body moisturiser. Give it time to sink in before layering on your tanner.

#3 Apply your fake tan at night

Yes, your sheets are going to suffer from the rub-off of freshly applied tanner, but because your body warms while you sleep it actually helps the product sink in for a longer lasting faux glow.

#4 Use tanning tools to get an even application

You know those strange looking tanning mitts that have been on the market for a while? Well, they’re not a gimmick – they actually work! And really well! They help you apply your tan evenly, while also saving your hand from being stained three shades darker than the rest of you. To use, pop your tanning mitt onto your hand (we love Bondi Sands Tanning Mitt), place some product onto the mitt then clench your fist so you spread the product across the mitt. Hint: This is a crucial step to help ensure you don’t apply too much product at once.

We’re also obsessed with Bondi Sands Self Tan Back Applicator; it makes applying tan to the middle of your back (seriously, who can reach there?!) ridiculously easy and foolproof. 

#5 Don’t sabotage your tan

Like we said before, oil and tan don’t mix. So when it comes to your post-tan body wash, make sure it’s oil-free. Oil, body scrubs and harsh cleansers will all cause your tan to fade faster.


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