When it’s time for that much-needed holiday, do you struggle with suitcase space? The key to packing light is only bringing the essentials:  that means taking multi-tasking wonder products and leaving your bulky pump packs and heavy hair styling gadgets at home.

To help, we’ve put together the ultimate travel kit, we asked five beauty bloggers to share their top picks for travel-friendly products no girl should get on a plane without.



What’s your favourite travel spot? The Gold Coast in summer - I can’t get enough of the warmth and beaches.

What are your must-pack travel essentials? A facial mist to save my skin from drying out and lip balm as I always get chapped lips!

What’s your go-to holiday look? Glowy skin, basic eyeshadow and some lashes because I cannot live without them!

What about pre-vacay body prep? If it’s a longer vacay, I’ll fake tan before I go and then use a gradual tanner or a tanning oil to top it up. Bondi Sands Liquid Tanning Oil is my favourite - its perfect for deepening your tan!

What’s your beauty travel tip? Stay hydrated and moisturised! Looking after yourself on the inside as well as the outside is the best advice.



What’s your all-time favourite destinations? India - it was one of the most life-changing countries I have ever been to. 

What’s your must-pack travel essentials? I always have  concealer (for redness), bronzer (extra colour) and a matte lipstick on hand! And Transforumlas Lip Volume - because who  doesn’t  want  naturally fuller lips!!

What about carry-on luggage? I take everything!! I’m that  annoying  person with a plastic bag filled to the brim with makeup! Essentials are a foundation and a  beauty  blender - you instantly have a finished look. And makeup wipes! Taking off my makeup throughout the flight is key.

How do you change up your beauty routine? My beauty routine is made up of my usual cleaning, toning,  moisturising  daily. Depending on whether I am going to a hot or cold country, my skin needs time to adjust to the change. I increase how often I use my skincare, and do a mask once or  twice  a  week.

What’s your go-to makeup look on vacation? If I’m in a warm place, dewy highlighter look with a bold lip. If it’s a little colder, smoky eye and a dark lip (lipsticks are my favourite to play around with!). SPF BB cream is a must-have on holiday as it’s lightweight and lets your skin breathe while still giving coverage. 

What about pre-vacay body prep? I always get a blow-wave and a spray tan. Everyone always laughs at me for this, but it makes me feel and look better as I get off the  plane and into a bikini.

What’s been the best beauty advice you’ve picked up on your travels? Drink lots of water - it keeps  your skin hydrated and naturally  moisturised.



What are your travel essentials? My DSLR camera - to document everything and my Chanel espadrilles – they’re super comfortable for exploring and also fashionable. 

What about beauty products? I always bring a facial mist and a face mask to keep my skin hydrated during long-haul flights.

Do you change your skin care routine? Yes, depending on the weather of the place I'm visiting. If I'm going for a summer vacation, I'll bring my strongest SPF sunscreen. If I'm going to a winter destination, I'll bring a heavier cream to protect my skin from harsh conditions.

What’s your go-to holiday beauty look? I usually go for a classic winged eyeliner – it’s a look I'm comfortable with and it always looks good with whatever outfit I put on. 

What about pre-vacay body prep? Moisturising my body but I don't faux tan; I prefer developing a natural tan whenever I travel to summer destination.

Brittany daisy


How often do you travel? I love travelling! I try to go on one big overseas trip every July (like Europe or Hawaii) and then a few smaller, interstate getaways throughout the year. My top five places would be Paris, Mykonos, Sicily, Croatia and Maui!

Name three of your must-pack travel essentials… 1) My phone of course because, photos! 2) A portable makeup bag with all the essentials (especially sunscreen!) 3) Comfortable shoes - nothing worse than a blister while trying to climb the Eiffel Tower...

What’s your travel beauty routine like? I keep my beauty routine as simple as possible. I always cleanse, moisturise and use a clearing gel at night to fight pesky travel blemishes. I am loving vitamin C Serums right - I really see the difference they make to my skin.

What about makeup? I like to keep it simple while on holidays. My go-to products are tinted moisturiser, liquid eyeliner and waterproof mascara! I love the low maintenance look - wavy hair, natural coverage and a little bit of eye makeup to keep myself feeling polished.

What is your biggest in-flight beauty secret? Moisturise, hydrate and spray! I always keep moisturiser in my carry-on so I can apply it throughout the flight. I buy a 2L bottle of water before a trip so I don't have to rely on small cups of water from the flight attendants. And I have a mist spray handy for refreshing throughout the journey.

What about pre-vacay body prep? I always like to take some time out with a last-minute face mask the morning of a trip to detoxify my skin before my travels!

Kirsten Anderton

@ kirstenanderton

Favourite travel destination? New York feels like a complete dream - getting to visit all of the locations you’ve seen in movies is amazing! I also really loved Gilli T, a small island off Indonesia. I loved the relaxed lifestyle there. I travelled to Japan over ten years ago and have been wanting to go back ever since.

What are your must-pack travel essentials? A good book for waiting at airports or relaxing by the pool, a camera to capture memories and a good-sized carry on. 

How do you change up your beauty routine? I keep up my usual nightly routine -  cleansing my face, applying a serum, followed by a moisturiser. I change the moisturiser depending on the climate I’m travelling to.

What’s your go-to holiday beauty look?  When I was in Bali recently, my go-to was a bronzed face and a bold red lip. Tans just make everything look ten times better!

What about pre-vacay body prep? Before I leave for a holiday, I will laser hair removal and my eyebrows threaded.